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Neurography Patents

Diagnose Piriformis Syndrome and sciatica

The following patents are held by principals of The Neurography Institute and represent the Institute's right to create MR neurography scans in the United States and elsewhere around the world.

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United States Patent: US 5,560,360

Image Neurography and Diffusion Anisotropy Imaging

Click here to download US Patent #05560360 (PDF format)

Patent Cooperation Treaty Patent: WO09318415A1

Application published by the World Intellectual Property Organization:
WO/1993/01845 Image Neurography and Diffusion Anisotropy Imaging

Click here to download PCT Patent #WO09318415A1 (PDF format)

Japan Patent: JP3457310B2

Click here to download Japan Patent #JP3457310B2 (PDF format)

UK Patent Applications

9210810.9 21.05.1992 GB (GB9210810) Image Apparatus and Methods
Aaron G. Filler, Franklyn A. Howe

Click here to download UK Patent Application #GB9210810 (PDF format)

9216383.1 31.07.1992 GB (GB9216383) Image Apparatus Algorithms and Methods
Aaron G. Filler, Franklyn A. Howe
Jay S. Tsuruda, Todd L. Richards

Click here to download UK Patent Application #GB9216383A (PDF format)

1993 Letter from Dr. Michael E. Moseley, PhD, UCSF, to Dr. Aaron Filler

Click here to download the 1993 letter from Michael Moseley to Aaron Filler (PDF format)

´╗┐The History, Development and Impact of Computed Imaging in Neurological Diagnosis and Neurosurgery: CT, MRI, and DTI, by Aaron G. Filler, MD, PhD, FRCS

Click here to download Aaron Filler's imaging history document (PDF format)

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The Neurography Institute

The Neurography Institute is a Santa Monica, California-based organization that conducts MR neurography scans at licensed facilities in the USA under an exclusive arrangement with the neurography imaging inventors. Learn more.

Genuine Scanning Locations

The Neurography Institute licenses only the finest medical imaging facilities to perform authorized MR neurography scans. Included with your genuine and patented neurography is a scan reading and diagnosis by radiologists and neurosurgeons of The Neurography Institute. For a list of scan centers, click here.

Development of MR Neurography

The inside story of the development of MR neurography is a fascinating one. Plus, innovations continue with new patents in diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which produces amazing 3D images of nerve structures to help physicians more accurately diagnose nerve and spinal conditions. Click here to learn more.